Holistic women’s health is all about finding balance - with hormones, nutrition, lifestyle and emotions. A woman is a cyclical being intimately connected to Nature through her cycles. Like the rhythms of Nature - with the seasons, day and night cycles, moon phases and the tides of the sea - a healthy woman's hormones are about cyclical changes, bringing with them an ebb and flow of energy, feelings and desires. We need to learn to respect these cycles and work with them, rather than expecting our bodies to function like machines. Our hormonal balance impacts on all aspects of our lives and visa versa. Our diet, lifestyle and environment all play an important role on hormonal health.

Many women come to me because they don't want to use synthetic hormones and are seeking natural alternatives to balance hormones. These drugs suppress the body’s natural cycles and do nothing to address why a woman’s hormones are out of balance in the first place or nourish the body.

In my practice I see women who are looking for support for many reasons including: menstrual irregularity, menstrual pain, coming off the Pill, PMS, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, perimenopause and menopause, low libido, acne, yeast infections, cystitis, fertility and pregnancy.

My treatments are tailored to your own specific needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. The natural therapies I offer for women's health include reflexology, Arvigo® Therapy and herbal medicines with nutritional and lifestyle advice to help bring you into balance. Depending on what is your health concern is, I will advise which therapy or combination of treatments is most appropriate. 


As treatments have a balancing effect on hormones, any women’s health issues can be supported from menstrual cycle issues to the transition into menopause. It can also be a supportive therapy to support women coming off the contraceptive pill. 


Traditionally, throughout history, women have been keepers of herbal knowledge and healing for their families and communities. In recent years there has been a resurgence in herbal medicine for women's health, mainly due to demand from women themselves.  Herbal medicine is beneficial for any women's health issue at any age, from teens to the menopausal years. There are many herbs that work specifically to balance women's hormones, encourage menstruation, improve circulation and tone of the reproductive organs. In addition to these there are many herbs that work on all others systems in the body to help create balance and support health.


Arvigo® Therapy is a holistic approach to health, supporting women's health and healing. These techniques combine gentle massage with manipulations of the abdomen, pelvis and lower back. By gently stimulating circulation of blood and lymph to and from these areas and helping tone the supporting ligaments, this enhances the function and health of the reproductive and digestive organs. It is especially suitable for women's reproductive and digestive health issues. Self-care techniques are taught to practise at home so each woman is very much connected to her healing process.  


Initial Reflexology Consultation: 1 hr   Follow ups: 1 hr

Initial Arvigo® Therapy Consultation:  up to 2 hrs  Follow ups: 1 hr

Initial  Herbal Medicine Consultation: 1 hr  Follow ups : 30mins

Combination THERAPY Consultation TIMES

Initial Herbal Medicine + Arvigo®Therapy Consultation: 2 hrs Follow ups: 1hr 30 mins

Initial Herbal Medicine + Reflexology Consultation: 2 hrs  Follow ups: 1hr 30mins