These are unique, external massage techniques that focus on the abdomen, lower back and the soft tissue of the pelvis down to the pubic bone. Treatments are especially suited to supporting women’s health issues relating to reproductive health and also digestive and bladder health.

These techniques help improve tone and strength of the uterine ligaments, while increasing blood flow to the uterus and ovaries and abdominal organs. As a result it supports organ function by providing more oxygen and nutrients to the pelvic and abdominal region while releasing waste products and excess congestion. An additional benefit of these treatments can be emotional healing.  Emotions are often held in these soft, vulnerable areas, and this physical work can cause feelings and memories to surface and be released. 

If a woman’s uterus is out of balance, her whole life is out of balance.
— Don Elijio Panti

This work was developed by Dr Rosita Arvigo, after spending 30 years in the jungle of Belize. She was an apprentice to Don Elijio Panti, a Maya shaman until his death aged 103. The techniques are a combination of traditional knowledge from local midwives and Don Elijio’s lineage with modern understanding of bodywork. This therapy is has been featured on Oprah and Dr Oz and there are now trained practitoners worldwide.


The initial consultation is 2 hours which allows me to take a detailed case history before the massage. After the massage I will teach you self-care techniques that can be used at home to enhance your  treatment. This self-care massage is a very important part of the therapy which empowers you to take control of your own healing and helps you get more in touch with your body, particularly your womb. I may also recommend castor oil packs and traditional herbal vaginal steams as part of your self-care. Follow up sessions are an hour.

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