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I can't recommend Susan highly enough. I have seen her repeatedly during two pregnancies in the last three years and she has treated me using reflexology and Arvigo massage which i found to be essential to getting me through both.

I have seen several reflexologists over the years but none have come close to the incredible skill set that Susan demonstrates. If you want to be treated rather than helped then she is the person you need to see. She has an excellent holistic approach and gives plenty of invaluable advice as a herbalist as well as reflexologist.

She also introduced me to the Arvigo technique which was invaluable during my second pregnancy when the aches and pains became too much. It is a step up on standard pregnancy massage focusing on your abdomen and spine and literally transformed my third trimester.

- L Keighley

Thank you Susan you deserve all the praise you get and much more!Susan has been so far the most helpful, competent and attentive health practitioner I have found in London. Her expertise goes far beyond the “take this herb and see if it helps”. She sees you as a whole, follows through on her treatment plan and always makes sure your questions and concerns are answered. My herbal treatment with her is still ongoing but I have already started to see results in as little as 2 months for an issue that I’ve had since my teens. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a more natural or complementary solution to your problems. Thank you Susan!

- Sandrine Zivoder

Susan was highly recommended by a friend of mine after I told her I was really upset I had to be induced to bring on labour.
After having reflexology on my feet with Susan, my beautiful little boy came into the world literally the next day!!!
I messaged Susan to tell her and to thank her, and she sent me an email of all the special oils she recommended for my scarring.
Thanks Susan for all your expertise. I have recommended a few of my friends to you because i have so much faith in your experience and wisdom. I’ll call you for the second baby hahaha

- Krissy M

Susan came to my house at short notice twice in the week leading up to my baby being born. Her touch was firm and fantastically relaxing, she also has a lovely calm presence. I forgot where I was completely both times  in the most wonderful way.  I recommend her to everyone I know in need of some deep therapy.

- Clementine MacMillan-Scott

I started seeing Susan back in May 2013 just weeks prior to my first baby being born. I had been told reflexology was excellent during pregnancy and in the lead up to the birth itself. Susan was fantastic and a huge help. I then saw her just before giving birth to my second two years later and again she helped hugely with fluid retention, stress levels and just general well being. I have recently been back to her again with regards to a tight upper back and high stress levels. After one session I felt like I was walking on air! My back improved hugely overnight and I slept the best I've slept in months. I cannot recommend her more highly. She has a huge depth of knowledge and is highly professional.

- Lucie Groome


Susan was such a calming influence for me when I went to see her at 40 plus 8 days. I was so stressed because I had been the victim of a pretty unpleasant midwife who tried to naturally induce the birth but told me in all likelihood I would have to be induced. Susan was amazing and I will never forget her advice, in addition to her treatment.  She explained to me how to breathe through the labour and the birth and, whilst she carried out her reflexology practice, we also practiced breathing techniques. After seeing her, I felt relaxed and rejuvenated and thankfully, I delivered a health baby boy naturally two days later! Thank you so much Susan. 

- Emily Meredith-Hardy


I was at an all time low health wise when a friend recommended Susan to me. 10 months before I'd come off the pill after 11 years and my hormones and hashimotos were all over the place as a result. I was gaining a lot of weight, losing handfuls of hair and sleeping most days after work and at weekends. My husband and I were keen to have a baby but I'd seen numerous doctors and they said there wasn't anything I could do to rebalance my body and when I got to 12 months of trying, they would put me on progesterone before trying IVF. Despite working for a pharmaceutical company, I'm quite anti drugs (!) so I took things into my own hands - cleaned up my diet, stopped drinking and did a mindfulness course. While these things I'm sure helped, it was only when I started seeing Susan that I started to feel myself again. I had a session a week and some herbs she prescribed me and I very quickly noticed my energy and positive outlook on life returning. Sure enough a month after that my bloods showed that my hormones were returning to normal and a month later I was pregnant! I've continued to see her since and had the most incredible symptom free pregnancy. The friend who recommended Susan to me 100% attributes getting pregnant to reflexology and I do too. I look forward to many more treatments (and babies!).

- Felicity Berry


I started seeing Susan in July 2013, 4 days after delivering my first baby. It was an extremely difficult delivery which caused multiple problems with my pelvis, pubic bones and back. It was a highly stressful time, I had terrible fluid retention and was not feeling good in myself. Susan through her reflexology and calm and warmth eased my mind. She also advised me on how to help with my baby's feeding, colic and anxiety which has been extremely helpful. Susan takes a holistic approach and looks at our body and mind as one. She delves into the root of the problem. Susan is not just a reflexologist, she helps your mind and soul and helps to create balance in the most natural way possible. She never fails to leave me feeling relaxed and positive. 

- Shoba Nahappan


I first came to Susan 5 years ago when I had a serious back problem (spinal disc herniation). She helped me hugely with my recovery process at the time. Through the actual reflexology  work but also with her advice about lifestyle changes and my attitude in general towards the difficulties my body was going through. Since then I am coming to maintenance sessions which I find very enjoyable and recharging. I attribute Susan’s highly positive impact on my wellbeing to her wonderful personality and to the wealth of her knowledge about the human body in it’s connectedness with the human mind.

- Dr Irina Aaron, Psychotherapist