Have you been struggling to conceive for some time or been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or a particular condition?  A natural approach can help you improve your health in order to create optimal conditions for conception. Fertility is multi-faceted and depends on many aspects of your health - physical, emotional and spiritual. Whatever reason is preventing you from getting pregnant, it is important to consider all of these factors. I will help guide and support you with therapies that can be personalised to suit your individual needs.

If you have chosen to undergo an assisted reproductive cycle, such as a I.U.I, I.V.F, I.C.S.I or donor egg cycle, I can help you prepare for the treatment or support you during any part of the cycle if you have already started one.

If you aren’t ready to have a baby just yet, but want to improve your health preconceptually, the therapies I offer can help prepare you. The state of your health before pregnancy and during directly influences the health of your future child. By improving your health preconceptually months in advance you can give your child the best start in life.

I recommend you allow at least 3 months to prepare for pregnancy in order to optimise your health and the potential health of your baby. The longer you plan the better, especially if you have spent years on the Pill or have had chronic health issues.


Reflexology can help support your natural fertility and IVF cycles by creating the right conditions to conceive. For many women and couples stress and anxiety are associated with being unable to conceive. Recent studies in 2016 have shown that stress around ovulation can reduce your chances of conceiving by as much as 40%. Reflexology treatments excel in helping promote deep relaxation and bringing about a state of balance. They will not clear blocked Fallopian tubes or cure endometriosis, but it does help create a healthier environment for conception to take place by encouraging the body to function more efficiently.

If you are embarking on an assisted cycle with your partner or alone, I can tailor your reflexology treatments to whatever protocol you are using. Whatever stage of your fertility treatment reflexology can help reduce stress levels and maximise your chances of conception.


Herbal medicine can help with all aspects of fertility health: regulating your menstrual cycle, reducing pelvic congestion, balancing specific hormones, enhancing detoxification, supporting the body to adapt to stress, improving circulation, supporting immune function, supporting all the body systems, providing nutrients, and the overall health of the whole body. For men, specifically, there are many plants that can improve sperm health and  male hormone balance.

If you have chosen to go down the assisted cycle route, herbal medicine can help prepare your body before you start before you start a drug protocol.


If you are planning a natural pregnancy or assisted cycle or have been struggling to get pregnant this therapy can create the optimum conditions to conceive. The techniques greatly increase blood flow to the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus which means nutrients reach these organs more easily. This improves the health of your eggs and also creates a healthier environment for fertilisation to take place and for your embryo to implant and grow into a baby.

For supporting couples' fertility the techniques can be used for men as well as women to assist men’s reproductive health, by improving blood flow to the prostate and testes. During assisted cycles treatments can also help reduce swelling, help clear excess hormones and help to balance emotions.


I will devise a personalised, plan with either reflexology, Arvigo® Therapy or herbal medicine. I also offer  a combination of herbal medicine, dietary advice and nutritional supplements, lifestyle advice with bodywork (reflexology or Arvigo® Therapy). I will review previous tests and may suggest further lab tests to discover any hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and look at risk factors in your past and family history.


Initial Fertility Reflexology Consultation: 1 hr 30mins  Follow ups: 1 hr

Initial Fertility Arvigo® Therapy Consultation:  up to 2 hrs  Follow ups: 1 hr

Initial Fertility Herbal Medicine Consultation: 1 hr  Follow ups : 30mins

Combination Fertility Consultation TIMES

Initial Herbal Medicine + Arvigo®Therapy Consultation: 2 hrs Follow ups: 1hr 30 mins

Initial Herbal Medicine + Reflexology Consultation: 2 hrs  Follow ups: 1hr 30mins